When are fans gonna learn to take things @David_Boreanaz tweets with a very large grain of salt, or better yet an entire bucket of the stuff?

David Boreanaz is not going to leave the show. He is the ultimate troll when it comes to starting speculation due to the things he tweets. If he was leaving the show, would they have done the four extra episodes with him? Especially since it is still up in the air as to whether the episodes will be played over the summer or stuck in and added randomly to season 8.

He loves to stir things up and get people talking. He’s not leaving.

  1. jonstewartforpresident answered: DB is a master troller. I admire it at this point.
  2. gossip-bone answered: If we took everything he said for granted, bones would have been canceled three times by now and he would have left just as many times.
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  4. themlabarrere answered: You’re right ! And Bones without booth is not Bones !
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  11. biba79 said: It’s already said that the extra 4 eps will be aired during season 8. Maskedschedular tweeted about that saying that.
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